What will Mindfulness do for me?

As you practice the meditations and participate in group sessions you are learning a rapid method of bringing mindfulness into your daily life. This brings with it  more ease and contentment too. You will stop feeling that life’s running away with you; or that you are driven by anxiety, stress, pain or illness.

You notice more choices available to you of which you were previously unaware. You even feel happier, no matter what is happening around you.  It is possible to respond differently to life’s challenges. Learning Mindfulness Meditation in the 8 week course shows how to respond in each moment to whatever  happens. Once you’ve learned the toolbox of mindfulness skills you’re ready for all eventualities.

This course can help you to:-

  • take better care of yourself;
  • increase your ability to relax;
  • cope more effectively with stress, whatever the cause;
  • face difficulties with more clarity of the available choices;
  •  increase your ability to manage physical and psychological discomfort, distress and pain.

Actually live and appreciate each moment of your life, day by day, moment by moment and breath by breath, by breath.