Testimonials from Participants Taking Workshops

“The workshop was interesting and enjoyable. I wasn’t expecting fast results, but was actually amazed at the changes in myself after only a few days of mindfulness practice at home.”

“I became much more aware of my posture and how I was almost constantly tensing muscles in my neck and shoulders. Becoming aware of that helped me to change my posture and how I held myself. Within a couple of days, the pain and stiffness in my neck (which has been there to varying degrees for years) had decreased massively. ”

“I find that I am better able to cope with intense feelings of anxiety. I had frequently been spending over 20 minutes trying to leave my car and get into work. I would get stuck in this state of anxiety and feel unable to move. Being mindful is helping me to focus on the present and to acknowledge the feelings of anxiety without getting so caught up in them. Somehow this reduces the pressure and makes it easier to get out of the car.”

” It was really useful having the orientation. I was highly anxious at the time and wasn’t sure if the workshop would be the right thing for me. I found it really reassuring to be able to speak to you in advance, to hear some things from you and to let you know some background information about me. That made it easier to work out whether or not the workshop would be suitable. I was also unsure how I would be in a new environment with new people at that time of high stress and anxiety, so it was good to feel at least a little bit familiar with one person who would be there.”

“… I enjoyed the day, found it just about the right length for taking in and pleasantly gently led …”

“… useful overall as a pointer to what mindfulness is and to future possibilities for practice …”

“… I particularly liked the introduction to the walking mindfulness, finding its slow rhythm quieting at the same time as requiring attention …”

“… the eating of lunch in silence was also surprisingly conducive to the sense of being in a calm place as well as to simple sensual appreciation …”

“… even after a short practice it turns out to be a route into an emotional discovery …”

“… to apply  the principles of mindfulness to daily life, starting with becoming more aware of areas of unawareness …”

What went well?

  • “… Almost everything; it was well planned and well led …”
  • “… well everything really, I particularly enjoyed the walking exercise … the most useful staff development event I’ve ever attended …”
  • “… everything really – the exercises were well explained; the pacing of the day; the level of group participation and feedback on each occasion ….”
  • “… Excellent, it met all of my expectations! …”
  • “… body scan and walking … the day was very well designed and delivered …”
  • “… Practical elements of actually participating in an exercise and then sharing reflection on our experiences …”
  • “… The venue, facilitator’s openness, exercises …”

What could be improved?

  • “… having food provided, I’d even be willing to pay …”
  • “… having a sheet with bullet points on to refer to throughout the day …”
  • “… I wouldh’ve liked it to go on longer …”
  • “… Nothing, the whole day was well designed and delivered …”
  • “… I would have liked an explanation as to the differences of MBSR mindfulness and the other types …”
  • “… Foster a wider range of communicating through ideas – e.g. some more experiential and interactive. …”

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